Pure provenance


India is the quite literally the birthplace of diamonds. Apart from the very first diamond being discovered in India in the 4th century BC, some of the most famous and exceptional stones originate from this part of the world. No wonder then, that the country has a long and storied tradition of making jewelry for kings and emperors throughout the ages.

Starting out as a supplier to the jewelers of the Maharajas and English nobility more than a century ago, HARAKH now draws upon this same Indian stone cutting and jewelry-making magic to provide treasures for the 21st century global jewelry collector, a collector desirous of the most beautiful and discerning jewels. Our commitment to exclusivity lies in the fact that our collections are made in our state-of-the-art atelier in Mumbai, where several artisans, descendants of generations of jewelers, each bring their own secrets to the craft, carefully passed down by word of mouth and now documented in our proprietary texts. 

Going a step further, our Founder and CEO Mr. Harakh Mehta carefully infuses his native India’s beliefs and culture into the heart of our creations, creations through which he expresses his many cherished memories of growing up amidst India's natural wonders. A meditative approach helps him instill meaning into the essence of each collection. The result is so much more than a piece of jewelry. It’s an heirloom, born of Incredible India, the land where celebration meets spirituality. 

  • We are proud to be using certified recycled gold for most of our production, as we transition toward using only 100 percent recycled gold by the end of 2024.
  • We source real and rare conflict-free diamonds from mines that have demonstrated strong sustainability initiatives such as re-building the community, preserving the soil and, where possible, reuse of mining byproducts.
  • We contribute a certain percentage of our income to philanthropic activities in education, medicine, women and child development and animal welfare.
  • Our packaging is recyclable, and we are on track to becoming a plastic-free environment.
  • We are committed to using energy-efficient heating and cooling methods, including solar energy, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy on producing unnecessary waste. This includes a water recycling program to reduce consumption.
  • We provide our employees with financial incentives to reduce their transportation footprint via cleaner commuting alternatives.
  • Our offices have healthy working conditions for all members, including fair wages, a conducive working environment, and a work culture ethos grounded in social responsibility.
  • We encourage skill development and social entrepreneurship and support local artisans by using their special techniques in our jewelry.