About us

HARAKH was founded in 2017 by Mr. Harakh Mehta as the high jewelry house of the Mehta family jewelry company. Mehta, the great-grandson of an Indian diamond importer, grew up in Mumbai surrounded by a storied family diamond and jewelry history, but it wasn’t until he left home to complete his education in the United States that he felt called to become a diamantaire.

Having spent his youth relishing the natural wonders of his home country, especially the abundance of sunlight, he realized he missed all that India has to offer.

After completing his economics education in New York and attending a gemology institute, he returned to India to continue his family jewelry tradition by establishing his namesake high jewelry brand.


Today HARAKH is devoted to spreading a sense of deep joyousness that is the definition of the word “harakh” in the family’s native language.

HARAKH collections are handcrafted using ancient artisanal techniques and feature only pristine colorless diamonds. Our designs pay homage to India’s natural features, architectural marvels and other cultural sights and sounds.